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Salt Mine!

The Salt Mine is a new zone being added to Dragon Oath for players at level 85+. To get to the Salt Mine, you will need to travel south in Da Li and go to the Werewolf Plain. Once in the Werewolf Plain travel southwest to the Stone Forest. Once there, you’ll notice the entrance to the Salt Mine in the southwest corner just below the entrance to the South Rainforest.

Upon entering the Salt Mine, you will find quite a few NPCs with quests that require you to be anywhere from level 80 to level 87. There are many enemies in this zone as well; they range from level 75 to level 89. Each one plays a vital role in the quests that occur in the zone, so it would be wise to refrain from killing them without first having the quest to do so.

This is a great zone for players to quest in as they make their trek to level 100. It's also a great place to grind once you've completed all of the quests in the zone.