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Wild Boar Rampage Event

Every day from 2:00PM-4:50PM and 9:30PM-12:00AM, players between the levels of 30-40 can take part in a Wild Boar event in Pet Hill. The object of the event is to protect the Spirit Beast from the Wild Boars of Pet Hill. Lily White will appear in the center of Pet Hill with the quest to fight off the Wild Boar Assault.

Upon entering the instance, you will see one of the Spirit Beasts standing near you. Your objective is to protect the Spirit Beast from dying while being attacked by waves of Wild Boars.

They will attack from multiple sides, so make sure to spread your team out in order to protect the Spirit Beast from every angle. If the Wild Boars get too close, the Spirit Beast will defend itself as best as it can.

After you have defended the Spirit Beast from the waves of Wild Boars, you will have to fight the Wild Boar Captain. The Wild Boar Captain has a lot of HP and does significantly more damage that the standard Wild Boars.

If you manage to defeat the Wild Boar Captain, there’s a chance that he will drop the footprint of the Boar King. If he happens to drop this item, you can use it to track down the Boar King. Bring the footprint to Lily White in Pet Hill, and she will give you a quest to track and defeat the Boar King!

If you choose to accept the quest, you’ll be transported to the Boar King’s Farm to defeat him. Before you take on the Boar King, you must defeat 30 of the Boar Guardians that inhabit his territory.

After they have been defeated, you will finally be able to face off against the leader of the pack, the Boar King! If you’re lucky, the Boar King will fight you by himself. If you’re not lucky, the Boar King will call for assistance from his ally, the Giant T-Rex!

If you happen to defeat the monstrous T-Rex, there’s a chance that a T-Rex pet will appear for you to capture! Once the T-Rex and Boar King have both been defeated, the quest will be complete.

Spirit Beast

What is the Spirit Beast? --- It’s a beast NPC that will bring players to the instance and stay with the players during the quest. Players need to protect it from being attacked.

Award: The Fang Boar

What is the Fang Boar? --- Boss’s name. The Fang boar is not the award, it’s the boss in the end which has the chance to drop the Footprint of the Boar King, with which players can start the Suppression of Rebellion quest

Why do players want it? --- It allows players to start the Suppression of Rebellion quest

Finish the quest

What do players get from finishing the quest? ----Exp, pet skills, baby pet book, chance to get the pet Tyrannosaurus