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New City – Kroraina

Explore the wonders of the Middle East in the newest city to be added to Dragon Oath! Enjoy new evens and quests now unlocked with access to the area. Players that are level 75 and above can teleport to the city from any of the other major city escorts.

New Dungeon – Dungeon of Emperor Qin

Access to Emperor Qin’s Dungeon is now available through the Wild Plains map! Explore 3 levels of this mysterious dungeon and encounter the multiple bosses within! This is a high level encounter designed for players who have reached at least level 65. While it is possible to take down these enemies alone, it is highly advised that you group together with your friends in order to enhance your chance of survival.

Full Camera Control

Now view the world of Dragon Oath like you never have before! With full range camera movement, you can now play Dragon Oath at whatever angle you feel most comfortable.

New Event – Treasure Hunt

Gather your friends and try to defeat the all powerful "Lord of Treasure" for experience and other rewards, but first you must defeat her minions. Two hundred mimic treasure chests must be defeated before you grab the attention of the Lord of Treasure. You must defeat these enemies as quickly as possible or more powerful chest guardians will spawn and lay siege to your team!

Guild Battle

Fight with your guild in this timed battle where players can drive siege vehicles, work with guild members to develop complex strategies, and fight over control of a flag within an instanced battleground. Many factors go into a successful battle, from the front line fighters to those on the back lines collecting resources in order to upgrade your vehicles. All levels in the guild can enjoy the battle, with even lower levels still contributing to the overall score during the fight.

Hidden Weapon

Now available in this version is your Hidden Weapon! Complete the quest to receive this new equipable item and level it up to unlock its skills!

Level Cap Increased to 100

Can you reach the highest level in Dragon Oath to play with the most elite players in the game?

Salt Lake

The new level 85+ zone offers a great amount of quests along with a variety of new monsters.

Wild Boar Rampage

Players level 40+ can participate in this event to try and defeat the Boar King or the rare T-Rex and have a chance at a new unique pet!

Dragon Ball Event

Collect all 7 Dragon Balls in order to get your very own Dragon Pet! This new pet offers a very strong magical attack.

Panda Duo

All players level 35 and above can talk to Mr. Sun in Da Li to receive the exclusive Panda Duo. These adorable pets will only be around for a short time, so be sure to get yours!

Discovery Event

Gather a partner and explore the world of Dragon Oath in this new event. You will be taken to fantastic new locations and in the end you will be rewarded with a hefty sum of experience!

Raid On Twin Island

Additional Avatars

We have added 10+ new avatars to the game allowing you to further customize your character!