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Discovery Event

Every Friday from 12:00am – 11:59pm, married couples, in-game friends, and Masters and Disciples in a group have a chance to accept the quest of Discovery. The quest's purpose is to lead you to the great unknown of the Dragon Oath world. If you are lucky enough during the quest, you will have a chance to open a chest of random treasures. Married couples who participate must accept and finish the quest together in the same group without others. Friends must accept and finish the quest together while in the same group. For Master/Disciple relationships, the Master needs be the leader of the group and the members of the group need to be Disciples of the leader.

You and a spouse/Master/apprentice/friend must start the quest by talking to Tung Cho in Su Zhou. He will give you a Crystal Heart which will guide you to 10 different beautiful locations in Dragon Oath. At each location, both characters automatically trigger fireworks (in Chinese characters). You must use the Crystal Heart at each location in order to get the coordinates for the next location. When you use the Crystal Heart, one of the characters sweeps away bad spirits with a broom while the other character holds out incense and is surrounded by a ball of fire. At the same time, a progress bar appears at the bottom of the screen with the words "Auspicious Omen". When the bar fills, the next location is given. When you've visited all 10 locations, you can return to Tung Cho for your reward (experience).

“Chance to open a chest of unexpected treasure”

What is in the chest? ---There are many different prizes that can be found in the chest! Fireworks, Medicine, and Costumes are just some of the things that you may find in the chest if it appears.

How long does it take to complete the Discovery? --- Around 30 minutes.

Why would players want to do the event? –-- They can get lots of exp and sometimes even some lucky items. It also helps to increase friendships.