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Once upon a time, when moral character and honesty weighed more than gold, and mysterious dragons still roamed the earth, there was a kingdom as vast as the horizon, with lakes so large they could fill the sky and mountains that touched the stars.

The kingdom was filled with great warriors and legendary artifacts. The warriors and artifacts usually went hand in hand, and they'd been protecting the kingdom and its people since the beginning of time.

However, as time went by, things in this beautiful kingdom started to change. Perhaps fate is not without its sense of irony, for after centuries of peace and love within the kingdom, people gradually got more and more caught up in life and began to lose sight of the big picture. Instead of trying to maintain this long term prosperity and stability, they started going after short term gains for themselves. They took everything in this wonderful kingdom for granted and forgot what got them there in the first place. Eventually greed got the best of them, and selfishness took over.

One day the kingdom was forced to wage war against foreign aggressors, but unfortunately it turned out they weren't ready at all. Apparently years of peace had made them soft; people lost the will to fight. Furthermore, they'd never really been in a real war before, so right then they knew they had gotten themselves into some serious trouble. They looked for true warriors everywhere to protect them. And when need turned to desperation, a young man showed up.

He knew he could have remained quiet and lived a normal life like everyone else, but he didn't. He chose to fight, and he was determined to be a true warrior. He thought that was the right thing to do, and he was willing to make sacrifices for it.

As his first step to becoming a great warrior, he found a Pyromancer Master to help complete his training. He learned powerful skills and knowledge from the Master, and he completed the training by performing the Hand-in-Hand Master and Disciple trial with him. Afterward, the Master gave him a Kung Fu Cowboy Pack, some nice equipment, and a big bag of gold and sent him on his way.

Now the Pyromancer warrior was ready for his mission to save the world. He learned that in order to achieve such a noble cause, he must rescue the Legendary Dragon. To do this, he needed to find the four famous Artifact Weapons.

His first destination was Pet Island, and on the way, he met a beautiful woman named Emei in Luo Yang. They immediately felt a connection between them, so she joined him on his quest. They then moved on to Su Zhou where they became friends with an Assassin disciple and the chief's daughter, a Minstrel disciple, during the "Trade Day Event".

After a long boat ride, they finally arrived at Pet Island. Their first task was to tame a Dragon Tortoise, a dangerous job indeed. Once that was completed, they found their first Artifact, the "Traceless Sword", buried deep beneath the island's surface. Finally, they rescued all of the animals on Pet Island as a simple act of virtue.

The four of them then left Pet Island for Yan Tomb, and after defeating King Yan at the lowest level of the tomb, they uncovered the second Artifact, the "Winds in stone Fan".

From the tomb, they headed to Su Zhou, but before they reached the city, they encountered a mysterious portal. Entering the portal brought them to a separate dimension called Ice Space. It was eerily quiet and yet surging with power. They discovered the third Artifact, the "Blue Silver Circle", there and deduced that it must have been the source of all the power.

After passing back through the portal and travelling through Su Zhou to Reed Port, they confronted a very powerful man named Fu Rong at Swallow's Dock. They defeated Fu Rong with the help of the Dragon Tortoise, Fire Rat, Bolt Wing Beast, and Bladewind Dragon. From Rong's corpse, they retrieved the fourth and final Artifact, the "Melting Falchion".

With the four Artifacts in hand, they were able to rescue the Legendary Dragon and save the kingdom. However, as a sacrifice for saving the Dragon, the warrior's friends were all transformed into dragons themselves. They knew the price they had to pay, but they were willing to bare the cost anyway. As an afterthought, the warrior then realized that the Dragon Bladewind once must have been human as well.

In the end, the warrior had saved the day, and everyone both praised him and pleaded with him to become king of the newly liberated kingdom. He recognized and greatly appreciated the sacrifice his friends had made for him; he wouldn't have succeeded without it. He did not want to let their choice be made in vain, so he continued on the path his destiny had laid before him.

The warrior became a great king to the people he had saved and a legend to all the heroes of the world.