Lvl 4 Guide

Once you reach Level 4 in Dragon Oath, the world will begin to open up for you a bit more. You will be able to choose your third Common Class Skill, and you will begin the process of questing outside of Da Li. Common Class Skills can be earned from level 1-10 quests and can be viewed by opening the Skills window (press "S" on your keyboard) and selecting the "Normal" tab at the bottom. They serve a very important purpose in the game.

A Common Class Skill voucher in the "Quest" section of your inventory

Go here to receive Common Class Skills

The Common Class Skill NPCs in Da Li

Most players overlook them, but utilizing them will give you a significant advantage early on. Don't pass up the opportunity to obtain these skills from all nine classes by using the Signed Recommendation quest items. After you choose your third Common Class Skill, travel to Master Zhao(160,157) to receive your first combat-oriented quest called, "First Fight."

You are given the task of killing eight Flatlands White Apes in the Wild Plains, to the west of Da Li. If you press your TAB key, you will be given a map of your current area. You'll notice that Wild Plains is not within the walls of the main city of Da Li. For the best results, use the autopathing function to travel to Wild Plains from Da Li by opening the AutoPath window and double clicking on "Scene:Wild Plains". Once you arrive in Wild Plains, you will notice the Flatland White Apes are in your immediate vicinity. Make sure your weapon is equipped, and when you're ready, left-click on the enemy you'd like to attack. While in Wild Plains, if you bring up your quest list (press "Q") and click on "Available", you'll notice that a large selection of quests are available to you already, and you aren't even level 10 yet!

Make sure that you regularly check the "Available" quests tab, because it will give you hints regarding where you should travel next to level up your character! After slaying eight Flatland White Apes, return to Master Zhao(160,157) to receive your reward and your next quest, "First Pet." If you would rather venture out into the world and take on tasks from your "Available" quest list, you're free to do so. But sticking to the standard quest line is recommended for beginners, because it serves as a tutorial for those not familiar with the game.